Interested in booking a stay?

If you’re interested in booking with us, first off, make sure to check for available dates. Once you’ve found a date that works for you, take a quick look at the rules and guidelines to ensure that everything lines up. And finally, when you’re all set, just block off your dates using the form below! 

Camp Oluby Rules

  • Treat the site with respect and do your best to leave it even better than you found it – this way, friends who comes after you can enjoy it just as much as you did! We provide trash and recycling that is picked up weekly. There is also a porta potty that is available for use and is cleaned often.
  • Be mindful of the neighbors by avoiding loud partying, quiet times are between 10PM and 7AM.
  • We can only accommodate a maximum of 2 RVs at a time, and no more than 4 tents. This is county rules, please do not ask us to make an exception because we can’t.
  • Dogs are welcome, the camp area is 100% fenced and we have a kennel. We ask that you do not leave your dogs unattended on the property and you pick up thoroughly. Please follow Gray’s Harbor leash laws when headed to the beach or in town.
  • Limit your stay to a maximum of 7 consecutive days. While you’re welcome to book multiple times throughout the year, we do ask that you limit your advanced bookings to only once per summer so that everyone has a fair chance. You’re welcome to snag last-minute openings at anytime!
  • Lastly, we don’t require payment for your stay, as we aren’t a short-term rental. We just want to provide a space where our friends can enjoy the great outdoors and make some wonderful memories.
  • With that said, the site has bills to pay – utilities, amenities, and upkeep. If you’re able and willing to contribute, we’d be extremely grateful for any donation you’re comfortable making! Your support helps us ensure all friends have a great experience when visiting. Thank you in advance for your generosity! (HipCamp cost during the summer was $105/night, and $60/night off-season)
  • We want to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable stay at our site, so we kindly ask that all friends follow the rules and guidelines we have in place. In the unlikely event that any rules are not being followed, we may need to address the situation to maintain a positive experience for all. In such instances, we may kindly ask you to modify your behavior or make a change to your stay.


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